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Democrats Demand 66 Trillion Dollars for a New Social Justice Initiative; Funds to be Used to Construct Time Machine

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer announced a legislative program calling for 66 trillion dollars in new taxes over the next five years to construct a time machine, and send social justice warriors into the past to stop racism and white nationalism before it begins. The money is to be spread out among government agencies and […]

Democrats Reverse Course; Announce “We Will Build The Wall”

Republicans and the Trump Administration were caught off guard today, when Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer announced plans to not only fund the wall on the border between Mexico and the US, but to dramatically accelerate its completion, and to build a wall along the Northern border with Canada as well.  With Nancy Pelosi at […]

Maricopa County Recorder Declares Emergency, Announces “EF-BOMBS”

Emergency-Face-Book Online-Mobile-Ballot Stations Undaunted by almost being stripped of his authority by the County Governing Board, back in 2018, or by the State Attorney General issuing a restraining order a few weeks ago, to prevent him from a mass-mailing of ballots to Democrats who didn’t request them, County Recorder Fontes has announced a new plan […]

Kim Jong-un Granted Honorary US Citizenship

Kim Jong-un, “The Great Successor”, Chairman of The Workers Party of North Korea, President, Premier, and Supreme Leader of North Korea, is reported to be in very guarded health, possibly even near death. It’s unclear if that is what prompted the surprise announcement today, by the Democratic National Committee, that the infamous North Korean Dictator […]

House To Move To Impeach Trump Second Time

Charges This Time Will Include Bioterrorism for Refusing to Wear a Mask Nancy Pelosi began signalling the next stage in the coup a week ago, when she announced a new “select committee” to conduct oversight and investigation into the Trump administration’s response to the Coronavirus pandemic. I contacted my special source–not a mole, a weasel–in […]