Bill Clinton

Secret Service Agent; “Bill Clinton Living in Terror”

Bill Clinton
His demons are coming back to haunt him. Literally.

Sometimes a story just comes out of nowhere, like The Ghost in Hamlet. This is one of those cases.

We have a good friend who’s a Secret Service agent, and has often been assigned to protect former President Bill Clinton. We just got done talking to him over a secure video link, less than thirty minutes ago. He conveyed a truly amazing tale; Bill Clinton is living in terror, he is being haunted by the ghost of Jeffrey Epstein. 

Secret Service
Our friend is one of the agents seen here; in this picture the former POTUS was being restrained, after having seen an atractive young lady in the crowd.

“About two months ago, right around the time the Coronavirus hit, Bill started screaming in the middle of the night.” Our friend said. “He was badly shaken. We had to take him in for emergency medical evaluations, we thought he was having a heart attack or something.”   

But it wasn’t medical. 

“Clinton’s got this shrink he sees. He started going there every day. Then he wasn’t sleeping at all. I had to know what was going on, so I put a little transmitter in his jacket, and listened in on one of the sessions with the psychiatrist.”

There was a long pause. For a few seconds, I thought our friend wasn’t going to continue. His unease was unusual; this was a man who was combat tested, a veteran Secret Service agent. But he seemed disturbed. I soon understood why.

“I wish I wouldn’t have done that.” He continued finally. “But, whatever. I have to tell somebody. Clinton’s problem is that he’s being haunted by the Ghost of Jeffrey Epstein.”

The hair on the back of my neck stood up.

Jeffrey Epstein
Epstein’s bond with Clinton extends beyond the grave.

“And I’ve seen it too. It’s real.” The agent continued. “I’d confronted Clinton about it, and he broke down and started crying, and told me everything. Later that night, I stayed with him, and around midnight, The Ghost showed up. He floats around and talks to Bill, over and over. It appears for a few minutes, then dissipates, sometimes comes back right away, sometimes not ’till the next night.”

We asked what the ghost says.

“It calls out Bills name. It only wants to talk to him. It says ‘Bill! We were best friends…why did you let Hillary kill me? Why didn’t you save me?’ Then it pleads with Bill to talk to Hillary, and convince her to use her occult powers to end his purgatory.”

We asked why the ghost didn’t go directly to Hillary, or why she wouldn’t do as the ghost asked, or why Bill wouldn’t at least talk to her about it, as the ghost wanted.

“Oh, no. Apparently Epstein got on Hillary’s bad side. I mean, obviously, yeah, but one night Bill suggested that The Ghost could use his spectral powers to try and reach out to Hillary, to negotiate and possibly save them both; Epstein shrieked horribly, and burned away in flames until the next night, at the mere suggestion of facing Hillary. Both the ghost and Bill are more terrified of Hillary than anything in hell, purgatory, you name it.”

Epstein’s ghost fears Hillary more than The Devil himself.

This is not the kind of story that other’s can follow up on. We pray for al souls, and as for the ones The Devil already has, so be it. One’s thing’s for sure, there’s something rotten in Denmark.

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