Personalized Golf Marker-Jeff

Personalized Golf Marker-Jeff


This golf marker is new, made of metal with a durable epoxy print of the name Jeff. Price listed plus $2.00 postage and handling for delivery in the USA

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Personalized Golf Marker for Jeff

This is for any golfer, for yourself or as a gift. According to the rules of golf, whenever you pick up your ball while playing a hole, you must mark the position.

People commonly use a penny or dime for their golf marker. Add a unique custom aspect to your game with this custom, personalized golf marker, printed with the name Jeff on it. This serves the practical purpose of identifying your marker vs other who may have markers near your, on the green for example, and it also is a point of pride to have a marker with your name on it.

The black epoxy printing is not 100% permanent, it could be scraped of with a blade or something like that, but with normal use it should last many years if not a lifetime. The marker comes with a small gift box/storage case as shown in the photos.

We are a small, USA based family owned and operated business. We want positive feedback and work of mouth advertising, so we offer a money back guarantee if not satisfied.


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