President Trump
Serious? Or just trolling Democrats.

President Trump raised plenty of eyebrows earlier this week when he casually announced at a round table discussion about the Coronavirus that he just happens “to be taking it.” (hydroxychloroquine)

Most Democratic pundits reacted with disbelief, claiming the President wasn’t really taking it, that he was “lying like he always does” or something to that effect. 

Those pundits were even more shocked, when President Trump announced today during an early morning press briefing, that not only has he been taking hydroxychloroquine for over a week, but that he also “happens to be taking xanax, oxycontin, prozac, and methamphetamine.    

“I’ve spoken with some top people.” The POTUS continued. “Very smart people. My Friends. Rush gave me some great advice about oxycontin. I’ve consulted with his personal physician. Dr. Fauci is handling the scripts for the xanax, prozac and meth. It’s all based on the very best medical science.”

Rush. Now advising his friend President Trump on healthcare related matters.

The reporters in attendance didn’t seem to grasp what the President was saying. One of them tried to pivot to a question about why First Lady Melania Trump refuses to disavow cyber-bullying. 

“Wait a minute!” Cried out a disheveled looking creature from The Huffington Post. “Did you just say you have a medical marijuana card, and that you’re taking percocet”? 

There was a flurry of questions at once. “Mr. President, what dosage do you use for Percocet”? One shouted out. “Mr. President, could you score a couple perks for me?” Cried out another. 

“No.” The President said. “I do not have a medical marijuana card. I don’t need it. I don’t smoke, I wouldn’t smoke flowers, I take CBD supplements, which are legal and don’t harm your lungs.” 

The reporters went crazy, but Trump quickly ended the conference. 

Dr. Fauci
Dr. Fauci’s real role? The White House Dr. Feelgood.

The Big Dawgs in the mass media were incredulous.

Rachel Maddow couldn’t quite wrap her head around the conundrum. Trump admits to doing meth, but he lies with everything he says. So. If he lies, he’s not on meth. But…if he wasn’t lying, maybe that would be something that would turn voters against him. But, everything he says is a lie. But…

NFL tickets

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By Walter Kurtz

The horror! I got tired of the Deep State continuously sending assassins to kill me. So I faked my own death, during a documentary film. Later I had the film edited to appear as a work of fiction. Since then I've been roaming the globe, killing judiciously, and lavising kindness and affection on the weak and needy. I've now decided to start publishing the truth for my good friend El Capitaz, on the website The Philthy Times. The horror of these philthy times must be documented.

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