Speaker of The House Nancy Pelosi

Pelosi, Team of Bankers Move Markets

I did not target Speaker Pelosi. It’s well known how depraved she is, she is known as the most prolific boozehound in Washington, DC. It’s no secret that her office orders an ocean of beer, wine and liquor, paid for by tax dollars, for her lavish entertainment and personal consumption. But I’d had no idea that this simple debauchery could even possibly be part of a sophisticated insider trading scheme on the New York Stock Exchange…

I was just roaming Wall Street, observing the indescribable pain and suffering, the outrageous greed and corruption. I wanted to see how bad it really was, how deep the stench of rotting emotions would run, so I went to a bar frequented by the top investment banking houses.

Two alpha scumbags entered and immediately I picked up a vibe, an emotion, similar to that emitted by jackals when coming across carrion…I knew right away that they were involved in something lucrative, something very unethical and very profitable. “We have it!” I overheard one of them squeal to a small group at a corner table. “Get your money in at the market open!”

I planted a tracking device on one of the young bankers. After just a few days I had all the details of the scam; Throughout the year, Pelosi’s office sends bulk orders for alcoholic beverages, routed through the Pentagon’s black budget. The orders are massive, and when they are made public, the liquor stocks all spike up. In particular, shares of Constellation Brands Inc. (STZ) will be purchased by the Wall Street insiders–including a generous purchase made on behalf of Pelosi herself-just before the orders are made public, helping the company beat earnings estimates…

Speaker Pelosi’s personal truck loaded with single malt whiskey

Over the years, they’ve realized hundreds of millions of dollars in capital gains. It’s against the law, but they don’t really think they are doing anything wrong–they don’t know the difference.

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By Walter Kurtz

The horror! I got tired of the Deep State continuously sending assassins to kill me. So I faked my own death, during a documentary film. Later I had the film edited to appear as a work of fiction. Since then I've been roaming the globe, killing judiciously, and lavising kindness and affection on the weak and needy. I've now decided to start publishing the truth for my good friend El Capitaz, on the website The Philthy Times. The horror of these philthy times must be documented.

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