His asking price to play the lead in “Universal Coverage Man” was 500 million.

One of our best friends is a white-hat hacker, semi-retired, but who has various codes, programs, operations and other resources that continue to deliver all kinds of files. One of the files that came through his network was a file with dozens of Word documents, lifted off a Netflix server, titled “Ideas” by author “BHO”. 

A follow up phone call to another source confirmed it. “Ideas”  details all of Obama’s projects that he’s been pitching to Netflix. 

The Philthy Times here provides a worldwide exclusive of some of the content in “Ideas”, a lengthy, rambling document.

First, much of the document is devoted to one project, called  “Universal Coverage Man” 

Obama wrote over 3,500 rambling pages about it, enough content for ten full length books,  most of which is praise for the central character and hero, “Bo Rake d’Bomber” who comes from an alternate universe which is a paradise, a Socialist Utopia with no racism or sexism of any kind, totally peaceful with no war or poverty, but also totally cool, where every singe person is a successful artist or rock star or professional athlete or video game player.   

One theme that is repeated over and over in various ways, is how the hero, Bo Rake is beyond perfect, superior to everyone and everything else. “Bo Rake is the ideal. The pinnacle of evolution. His genius makes him, not just one with the universe, his universe, but one with all the alternate universes too.”   That quote was taken from the first paragraph, and is repeated in various contexts throughout the ensuing thousands of pages. 

In this proposed original Netflix series, in his own universe, Universal Coverage Man does not have a name, he is “The One” or “He Who Self Identifies as a Transformational Leader, Without Gender or Race”. 

Obama in the weeds
Obama got his inspiration for his hero, “The One” from himself.

Because there is no evil to fight against where he comes from, The One is able to practice his art, and gets in touch with The Power of Social Justice, which in this series, is like “the force” in the “Star Wars” movies. So “The One” taps into that power and is able to see all the other alternate universes, and in particular one alternate universe–ours, of course–where the suffering is the greatest. 

In “Universal Coverage Man” The multi-universal forces of evil have coalesced and concentrated into one super villain–Tangerine Man! Tangerine Man is described as “like an evil, racist Batman” a billionaire who maintains a secret identity, “Ronald Plump” and who has an army of evil racist, orange supremacists, masquerading as white supremacists, who have totally infiltrated every peaceful group who has tried to do the right thing and call for an end to everything bad.

Universal Coverage Man comes to the rescue.

Tangerine Man
Tangerine Man’s most evil superpower is the ability to use his voice to hypnotize white supremacists and make them do his evil bidding.

Only season one of “Universal Coverage Man” is flushed out. Some rough drafts  indicate that season two will start with a partial
victory over Tangerine Man, but with Bo Rake’s second in command, Dan Laden, elected President, but left with brain-damage resulting from his battles with Tangerine Man.

In season two, Universal Coverage Man must work behind the scenes, calling the shots, with the brain-dead Dan Laden as a figurehead; he defunds all local police departments, and replaces them with Antifa patrols.

One interesting document was a discussion of who would play the lead in “Universal Coverage Man“. Obama himself wants to do it, but his demand of 500 million dollars per season was deemed “too high for the market to support” by Netflix executives. A veteran superstar like Denzel Washington or Will Smith is under consideration, although they are leaning towards choosing an unknown actor with a lot of charisma, that they can hire for practically nothing, and make the most money for themselves off of, exploiting his or her work.  

Various notes and documents relating to “Universal Coverage Man” made up over half of the overfall file we reviewed.

Besides that, there was a synopsis called “Skateboard Brigade” about a nerdy transgender child who is bullied by racist republicans, until he/she learns to use her/his/it’s skateboard as a weapon for social justice. From then on, every racist, homophobic republican they can find, will be bashed over the head with a scateboard, or otherwise defeated by the Skatebord Brigade.

There was an outline for something called “The New Anarchist Cookbook for Millennials” about a wise old gay activist who, ahem, mentors some young ‘Bernie Bro’s’ and helps them form an Antifa Militia. Their violence in the community is matched only by their tenderness with each other at home. 

One document was titled “Ideas for Michael”–it was blank with no data. 

One document was called “Disney Collaborations” and in that one, Obama seems to plead with Netflix producers to introduce him to Disney executives. “Please, don’t forget to keep working on that sit-down with Disney. They’re the only ones who can do justice to ‘Unfozen’, my idea about an entire nation coming out at once, with a spontaneous realization that everyone is bisexual.” 

This will probably be the last file we get from Netflix, because our friend the white hat hacker says he will not look at anything else that comes from them, becuase it’s “too disturbing.”

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By Walter Kurtz

The horror! I got tired of the Deep State continuously sending assassins to kill me. So I faked my own death, during a documentary film. Later I had the film edited to appear as a work of fiction. Since then I've been roaming the globe, killing judiciously, and lavising kindness and affection on the weak and needy. I've now decided to start publishing the truth for my good friend El Capitaz, on the website The Philthy Times. The horror of these philthy times must be documented.

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