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Soft Coup Ongoing!

Democrats Across Nation Signal Support for Riots!

Professional protestor
Before you scoff, consider this; it’s working. Las Vegas odds of a Biden win have skyrocketed to strong favorite.

It’s really quite simple, if you step back and observe objectively. It’s Civil War. On one side, you have the faction that believes in the United States Constitution. They don’t want to abandon the constitution, or the liberties and freedoms it gives individuals and minorities, the limitations it places on government.

On the other side, you have the anti-constitutionalists. They would like the USA as it has been to go away, to morph into a regional block of the world government. With the propaganda so rampant, what we have is a situation where the constitutionalists are under violent military style attack, and it’s being characterized as “peaceful protests” against racism and police brutality.

So anyone who tries to criticise the “protesters” will run into this kind of social firewall, where it will be claimed that this means they are not against racism and police brutality, therefore they are FOR racism and police brutality.

The leftists, the socialists, the Democrats, the “protesters” are all whipped into a frenzy and trying to get them to take a moment to think logically is a waste of time. 

Democrats love to shade the meaning of words. Like calling a riot a protest. Don’t listen to us, look, its all out there for anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear. As Reported Here NYC Mayor de Blasio says he’s proud his daughter was arrested for rioting. If this is not giving tacid aproval of lawlesness, what is?

As Reported Here AOC wants to support the mob who attacked two police cars and tried to block them from using the streets to do their job vs supporting the police. How will you ever get anyone to do the job of police officer?

As Reported Here AZ Senator Sinema puts out her message that in the clashes across the county by rioters and police, it’s the rights of citizens to peacefully assemble and protest that is being trampled by police. So on the heels of reports of 50 Secret Service Agents being injured defending The White House against violent terrorists…she and her friends condemned use of force against the people trying to burn the White House? WTF, are you kidding me?

By the way, shortly before the Floyd George riots, Sinema was complaining bitterly about how the Arizona National Guard was being de-activated. We needed to keep them active to fight the cornavirus, Sinema argued. Fast forward two weeks, and with riots and looting in the streets of Scottsdale, Sineam and other Democrats block the help and assistance of the AZ National Guard?

As Reported Here by phoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio there was political pressure to simply release people who had been arrested and taken into custody for rioting or looting.

More evidence of Democrats wanting to release prisoners.

It’s not just politicians, democrats and their neocon comrades are bombarding social media with comments characterizing the riots as ‘protests”, drastically downplaying ratio of violent rioters, claiming it’s “just a few” or “one tenth of one percent” or something ridiculous like that. Any basic examination of anecdotal evidence shows it’s at lease 50/50 between peaceful and violent protests, with nightfall almost always turning any protest that started peaceful during the day violent at night. Sweet jesus, in our last news report, there was a mention of 50 secret service agents being injured skirmishing with people trying to burn down the White house–does that sound like some kind of peaceful protest to you??

Then along comes the grand master undermining the rule of law, Obama! As Reported Here, he miraculously has a “toolkit” for the rioters to use. He Doesn’t call them rioters or looters of course. He doesn’t even call them “protesters” he calls them “participants”  

The Shiek!
Boom. As the riots begin, Obama has his toolkit for “participants” ready!

Gee, it’s almost like Obama knew ahead of time that this was all going to happen! Somebody told him “

get that new age anarchist cookbook ready Barack! It’s almost time!”

What big brass balls the democrats have, to dare project the claim that Trump sends ‘dog whistle” messages that encourage racism or somehow give the “go ahead” for act like the public killing of George Floyd, while openly calling for armed violent overthrow of our constitution and duly elected political leader? How dare they? Because it’s war.

They don’t care if they have to kill some people. “You gotta break a few eggs to make an omelette” that’s their motto!

Battered Police on Their Knees

What does it mean? Is it a sign of surrender? Clever PR? Genuine attempt to bond?

As Reporte Here in the meanwhile, police, torn and twisted, set up and betrayed by the anti constitutionalists, have literally been brought to their knees. ‘Nuf said.

While Nation Burns, Trump Tweets!

Trump Tweet
Spills the beans on bunkier’s “secret location”? Brags about it being Huuuuge!…after being in command for over three years, blames Obama for leaving it messy and without a well stocked fride?

And while the nation is burned and torn apart, As Reported Here on the POTUS Twitter feed, Donald…sends tweets complaining about the lack of refreshments in the energency bunker?

It’s no unfair criticism to say the President Trump is struggling right now. It’s a completely impossible, lose/lose situation, it doesn’t matter what Trump does. If he goes to a church, and holds a bible, a bunch of satanists in the anti-constitution faction, who hate the bible and Chritians or Jew of muslims or anyone who likes the bible will criticise how he holds the bible, that it’s “upside down”. Trump has had an incredible run! What a peak it was after humiliating the DeTrump, but a bizarre Chinese virus showed up just then, and a bunch of government spooks terrorized the whole nation into “shutting down” 

And now this. Some psycho cop kills a guy on video in front of a crowd. And somehow that’s Trumps fault? WTF, we’re all for leaders taking the blame, but what about The Minneapolis Police Chief first? The mayor? Amy Klobuchar, the wacky Minnesota Senator that Joe Biden is considering as his Vice President running mate, who could have prosecuted the same officer for brutality charges, but did not? 

Still the Tweet the President sent was really disappointing. Trying to laugh off being forced to flee to an underground bunker for safety. Spilling the beans on it’s “secret” location. Bragging about how huuuuge it is! And then complaining…that Obama left it dirty and low on “supplies”. WTF, sir, are you kidding us right now?

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  3. Anonymous

    Obama is part of the deep state and so is Hilary Clinton and the bush and all the powerful families such as the Rockefeller, Rothschild etc they want to debunk trump because they know that elections are coming trump is fighting against them with 202 other countries if things don’t get better the trump administration will release secret info that will show all the terrible deeds that the deep state has committed. Every president after Reagan is part of the deep state until we got trump now, he knows that they want to take control of the whole world that’s why bill gates launched the ID 2020 site because they want to have domain over all the masses why do you think they are sending thousands of satélites to low earth orbit through spaceX……

  4. Anonymous

    The antifas org. Are the ones responsible for all the chaos and the trashing of stores during this riots, there are pictures and videos where they are seen giving money to rioters so that they could start chaos that’s why some media outlets and even big social media companies are blaming trump for all this tagging him as a racist anti patriot vulgar individual, but all this is with the sole purpose to ruin his image for the upcoming elections because they are scared that if he’s re-elected that he will with his comrades destroy the deep state. Open your eyes friends there’s so much behind the curtain how come everyone forgot about the virus now how come all those people in the mobs aren’t getting sick with corona if it’s so severed as they painted it to be??. Trust me when I tell you they have found tunnels underneath the United States where this members of the Deep state have their meetings and they have found some dark and horrible stuff down there, so bad that they soldiers who found it had to go to a mental rehab due to the atrocities they had seen…… but this will all come out at some point if it has to, once something is on the internet you can never remove it!


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