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Joe Biden Punches Out Disabled Vet

78 Year-Old Candidate Takes 85 Year-Old Korean War Vet “Out Back” And Kicks His Ass

Fight reportedly erupted during a Biden campaign visit to a Philadelphia PA VFW, after the vet questioned Biden about his son Hunter.

Biden shown here bragging to his campaign staff and Secret Service agents how he caught the wheelchair-bound vet with an uppercut.

With the nation’s attention on the Coronavirus outbreak, Joe Biden created a potential public relations nightmare, when he followed an elderly disabled vet to the parking lot where he reportedly during an “kicked his ass” for daring to question him about the ethics of his son, Hunter Biden, during an impromptu campaign stop. According to our sources inside the Secret Service, it all started when Hernandez, A Marine Corps vet who served in Korea, after having been drinking several hours before the arrival of Biden, muttered something about Biden’s son Hunter being a “Punk”, or “fucking punk”, something to that effect.

The victim of Biden’s rage; Carlos Hernandez, 85 years old, DOB 01/17/35 born in Spanish Harlem, New york City NY, current residence 625 Oak Street, Philadelphia PA, SS# 389-29-4519, who wishes to remain anonymous, claims “I was sucker punched” but refuses to press charges.

“Biden was visibly upset, but they were not close to each other, at first” our source said. “Biden glared at him, then walked around the room but eventually circled over to Hernandez who was sitting at the bar. Biden got in close–you know how he does, leaning in with his hands on his shoulders and his mouth close to then guys ear, so nobody could here what he said. But shortly thereafter, Hernandez, in his wheelchair, went to the parking lot, where Biden followed, and started pummeling the surprised Hernandez, first with a briefcase, then his fists.”

So far Biden has kept this incident out of the press. Some of Hillary’s media people have been huddling with Biden behind closed doors; either to try to get the cantankerous, dementia suffering candidate for president to interact so aggressively with citizens while on the campaign trail. “We want Biden to appear feist” said one, off the record. “But he has to seem like a fighter who will fight for the causes that concern average citients, not an angry old man who will fight anyone at at any time for no reason. It’s a fine line, a work in progress.”

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