Joe Biden
Joe Biden’s dentist is a very wealthy person!

Joe Biden, the presumptive democratic candidate for President, emerged from his basement exile today to appear on a taped live episode of The View. Completely emitted from mainstream accounts of the episode, however, was the fact that Biden appeared initially in blackface! 

The tape was edited before being released to the public, but we have a bootleg copy. After Biden was introduced, he stunned Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg and Meghan McCain when he peeked around the corner, then came out in his blackface makeup. 

“Whoa! Wait up, what’s this Joe? Nobody said anything about this!” Goldberg protested.

Our undercover reporter snapped this pic of Biden being prepped for his appearance on “The View” by a team of Hollywood makeup artists.

“It’s the thing, ah, Anderson.” Biden explained. “It’s my new thing, OK? Black people gotta vote for me. Just like Obama. I’ve said it before, and godamn it, I’ll say it again; you aint black if you don’t vote for me! Got it?”

Biden seemed a little more testy than usual, as if the months quarantined in his basement were weighing on him. As soon as Biden appeared, Meghan McCain excused herself to the craft services buffet. Then, Nurse Naomi intervened.

Nurse Naomi
Biden’s VP candidate stays with him whenever he is in public and for an unknown amount of time providing personal care. HIPPA rules prevent any disclosures there.

As Reported Here Nurse Nami is Bidens’ pick for VP, and a registered nurse.

The VP candidate quickly pulled Biden aside, and escorted him backstage, where he was cleaned up and made presentable again. The taping resumed with no mention of the blackface. The audience remained in a raucous mood, burning Trump effigies and American Flags while chanting “Trump is a Racist!” over and over.

After the show, our reporter heard Goldberg complaining to a producer “Tha muthafucker better get his shit together! We can’t be playin’ this shit no more!”

After the shows taping, tempers flared a bit, among the crew and staffers; Goldberg was arguing with both the shows producers and Bidens people.

Biden was whisked away, and is rumored to now be onboard an aircraft, a private jet, with the capacity to refuel in midair. According to the rumor, he may remain on board, in flight indefinitely, without landing, in order to avoid both his basement and any public appearances.

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By Walter Kurtz

The horror! I got tired of the Deep State continuously sending assassins to kill me. So I faked my own death, during a documentary film. Later I had the film edited to appear as a work of fiction. Since then I've been roaming the globe, killing judiciously, and lavising kindness and affection on the weak and needy. I've now decided to start publishing the truth for my good friend El Capitaz, on the website The Philthy Times. The horror of these philthy times must be documented.

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