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Insider; Mark Zuckerberg Conducting Seances

Once the VR Chamber is sealed, nobody gets in–or out, unless Zuckerberg approves.

We got word from our source inside the executive team of Facebook, that Mark Zuckerberg has constructed a secret underground virtual reality room/environment the size of a domed football stadium, as part of his virtual reality obsession. 

We thought that was the whole story. We were wrong. Dead wrong. 

The underground complex isn’t being used for gaming or traditional VR, Zuckerberg has modified it with the help of Hillary Clinton and George Soros, and is using it to conduct seances. 

He’s been communicating with the spirit world. 

VR Seance
The gargantuan VR complex has hundreds of small, intimate rooms like this one.

“Mark feels like it’s his responsibility to take technology and social media to it’s ultimate potential.” Said our friend, who reports to us from time to time. “It started years ago, but got weird not that long ago, around the time of the Coronavirus outbreak. He’d done some live stream videos, with really disappointing results. I mean, with almost 3 billion users under virtual total control, you’d think the CEO of Facebook himself, would get more than a few hundred views live, right? As much as people love Facebook, for him personally, not so much.” 

That wasn’t a surprise. It’s common knowledge that Zuckerberg has the charisma of a tupperware bowl. His face staring at you from close up, on video, is a little disturbing; with a non human, alien-like look.  Not to criticize his appearance, but again, it’s common knowledge.  

“Anyway” his story continued “Zuckerberg got depressed. He gets an A+ for collecting personal information and funneling that to the deep state. He’s a superstar at using fact checking and community standards to block and repress conservtive posts. But no matter how much success he has in censoring and repressing any conservative points of view, he wants to be able to also project, and present an inspiring message. That’s the weakness of him and his Facebook tool; they can repress, but they can’t represent; Zuckerberg really has no positive view of the future, at least none that he can share with the public.”

The lack of vision, and censorship issue was old news, so we turned the topic back to the VR chamber. 

virtual ouija board
The main chamber creates holographic images like this this ouija board, three stories tall and six stories wide.

“Yeah, Zuckerberg went down into that VR chamber for like three days straight.” Said the executive. “Then there were these spooky rumors going around. When I got a chance, I went down there, and there was a bunch of weird, satanic looking stuff; petagrams, huge half-burned candles, three stories tall. Altars with what appeared to be blood stains on them. You get the idea.”

Bingo! But as horrific as the basic theme of this story was, the details were even more concerning. 

“At first Zuckerberg tried to conjure Steve Jobs. He thought Jobs would understand everything and help him. But the spirit of Jobs just gave him a dirty look and flipped him off, before vanishing. One after another, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., JFK, Michael Jackson, Elvis–every ghost Zuckerberg tried to contact either refused to appear at all or if they did, they were hostile, like Jobs.”

The ghost of Joseph Goebbels
The miserable, haunted/haunting spirit of Goebbels found a kindred soul in Zuckerberg.

As strange as the story was, there was a ring of truth to it, and our source had never been wrong before.

Plus there’s all the recent reports from The Vatican of increases in demonic activity. And The Clinton Story. Different pieces of the same puzzle, perhaps?

“Then Zuckerberg turned to the haunted spirit of Joseph Goebbels, and he found a friend.” He concluded.

“They hit it off immediately, and now the former NAZI Minister of Propaganda is personally coaching Zuckerberg, and promises to help him get millions of views and hundreds of thousands of ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ of his live video events.”

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