Author: Walter Kurtz

Democrats Demand 66 Trillion Dollars for a New Social Justice Initiative; Funds to be Used to Construct Time Machine

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer announced a legislative program calling for 66 trillion dollars in new taxes over the next five years to construct a time machine, and send social justice warriors into the past to stop racism and white nationalism before it begins. The money is to be spread out among government agencies and […]

Obama Busy! Hacked Netflix File Reveals Multiple Projects

One of our best friends is a white-hat hacker, semi-retired, but who has various codes, programs, operations and other resources that continue to deliver all kinds of files. One of the files that came through his network was a file with dozens of Word documents, lifted off a Netflix server, titled “Ideas” by author “BHO”.  […]

Maxine Waters Issues Protest Instructions

Maxine Waters, the Democrat from California who in 1992, as a new Congresswoman, infamously led crowds in chanting “No justice, No peace” which helped incite the Rodney King Riots, and who then after the riots characterized the looting that occured as simply some moms getting milk for their babies–nothing criminal–has issued instructions for the Summer […]

Joe Biden Appears on “The View” In Blackface

Joe Biden, the presumptive democratic candidate for President, emerged from his basement exile today to appear on a taped live episode of The View. Completely emitted from mainstream accounts of the episode, however, was the fact that Biden appeared initially in blackface!  The tape was edited before being released to the public, but we have […]

Insider; Mark Zuckerberg Conducting Seances

We got word from our source inside the executive team of Facebook, that Mark Zuckerberg has constructed a secret underground virtual reality room/environment the size of a domed football stadium, as part of his virtual reality obsession.  We thought that was the whole story. We were wrong. Dead wrong.  The underground complex isn’t being used […]

President Trump; Also “happen to be taking xanax, prozac, oxycontin, and methamphetamine.”

President Trump raised plenty of eyebrows earlier this week when he casually announced at a round table discussion about the Coronavirus that he just happens “to be taking it.” (hydroxychloroquine) Most Democratic pundits reacted with disbelief, claiming the President wasn’t really taking it, that he was “lying like he always does” or something to that […]

Democrats Reverse Course; Announce “We Will Build The Wall”

Republicans and the Trump Administration were caught off guard today, when Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer announced plans to not only fund the wall on the border between Mexico and the US, but to dramatically accelerate its completion, and to build a wall along the Northern border with Canada as well.  With Nancy Pelosi at […]